Friday, January 20, 2006

Okay, I'll do it.

Hannah tagged me specifically, so I'll go for this one.

Four jobs you had in your life.

1. Long John Silver's. I was good - I didn't even need the cash register to tell me how much change to give people. I loved almost everything except the skanky guys ogling you in the drive through.

2. Dillard's. I loved working in the home department - towels, bedding, place settings, pots and was all so wonderful.

3. Administrative Assistant to the National Youth Director, Assemblies of God Headquarters, Springfield, MO. Much fun and much stress. I made amazing friends through this job and learned many great skills. And it was fun to walk around at big youth conventions and feel all important with the radio clipped on my belt and headset on my head. Yeah, we thought we were so bad.

4. Children's Pastor. Best job - I just got a note on Wednesday that reads, "Roses are red, violets are blue; Open Bible rocks and so do you." Does it get any better than that? Kids loving church and seeing the love of Jesus in me. Amazing.

Four movies you could watch over and over.

1. Raising Helen. So great, and I love the 3 sisters!

2. You've Got Mail. I watched part of it on TBS last night!

3. White Christmas.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Four places you've lived.

1. Des Moines, IA. I lived in the same house for my first 17 1/2 years of life.

2. CBC campus, Springfield, MO. I'm glad I lived on campus for two years - it helped me to feel connected, make friends more quickly, and enjoy the craziness of late night card games and shaving cream fights on campus. (I know you're thinking, "Those psycho Bible college students; what will they think of next?")

3. Lake Shore Apartments, Springfield, MO. One of my 3 apartment dwellings in Springfield and the nicest and newest by far. We had a poolside apartment (yeah, it ruled). They had a hot tub and workout room, too! And the last time I had a dishwasher.

4. Waverly, IA. My home for almost 4 years.

Four TV shows you love to watch.

I do not really watch TV very much anymore. I'll watch reruns or DVDs of these:

1. Friends

2. King of Queens

3. Alias

4. What Not to Wear (hardly ever catch it, but it's great)

Four places you've been on vacation.

1. Indianapolis, IN.

2. Seattle, WA.

3. Washington, D.C.

4. New York, NY. (#3 and #4 in the same year!)

Four websites you visit daily.



3. My friend's blogs (listed on the sidebar)

4. Maybe not every day, but

Four of your favorite foods

1. Monkey bread

2. Papa John's or Casey's pizza

3. Grandma's corn casserole

4. My chicken enchiladas

Four places you'd rather be right now

1. On our honeymoon in Cancun!

2. Seeing my sisters in Springfield.

3. Seeing Maggie in Eugene!

4. With Matt. Always.

Four bloggers you are tagging

1. Natalie

2. Shawn (he won't even see this, so why not?)

3. Amy Carson (come on girl, you can do it!)

4. Anyone else who reads this and hasn't done it yet


Beefy said...

skanky guys ogling you - Hahaha!

The honeymoon will be wonderful! As difficult as it is, try to get out of your room at least a couple times. :) It'd be beautiful there! Take lots of pictures when you go!

Heth said...

That was fun to read. Memes are great.

hannahjoy said...

I almost forgot about the movie "raising helen" it's definitely a good one. One of my most favorite parts is when they dance to "whip it," which is the song I have on my ringtone and that I wake up to every morning!

T said...

I have attempted to draw shawn's attention to this, and many other , tags....

shra said...

yum papa johns is the best.