Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My former hometown

I am visiting my former hometown, Springfield, MO, this week. I have had a great time visiting with old friends and seeing how much the city continues to grow. I really love Springfield, and I am enjoying my time here, although much of it has been consumed with stuff for Beth's wedding. I tried on my dress last night, and I think I'm going to wear my hair up. I wasn't sure with the strapless dress if I would like it, but I did, so I bought some hair clips and need to buy some jewelry before Saturday. It is fun to be here with all my family - we so rarely get time together, so I look forward to enjoying the time with them. I am ready for the weekend to be here, though - today was a long day, and I am ready to see everyone at the wedding. Well, I'm REALLY ready to see Matt, truth be told. :-) I hope you feel better SOON, dear!! I love you. Okay, I will stop now that you're all thoroughly disgusted and my brother wants to play some online game.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Chicken noodle soup and such

Since I am going to be gone all week, I have an excuse for writing twice in one day. And the only reason I'm writing is because I had to leave Matt today, and he was so sick that I felt horrible! I wanted to take care of him, but there's really nothing I could do other than making chicken noodle soup. I don't need to get sick when I have such a big week ahead of me, so it was probably best for me not to stick around, but I so badly wished I could stay and do something. It didn't help that it was a sad, rainy, dreary day as well. Well, if I can't do anything, at least I can write about it.

I remember my last trip to Springfield - 5 months ago almost to the day, and it is unbelievable to think of how many things have changed since then. I wonder what life will look like 5 months from now. I hope God has some big things to teach me this week because I sure feel like I'm missing a lot by being gone right now. Jenny and Michelle reassured me that they will not forget me this week...that was very sweet. I will miss ALL of you...but, Matt, I have to say I'll miss you the most. And I hope you get to read this because it should mean you are feeling better!

Rainy Days

On this rainy, dreary Sunday, I am reminded of one of my favorite verses: "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." (Psalm 73:26) I often feel that "my flesh and my heart" fail me, but this verse gives me hope that I don't always have to be strong - God will be strong for me if I let Him. I need to know that today, to know that He is who He says He is and that He has always been faithful. What a track record He has, and He leaves no room to doubt that He will come through for me once again and every time I need Him. So on a day when I feel as though my flesh and my heart are not very strong, I am clinging to the hope of God and His strength.

Friday, September 23, 2005


I stopped for gas this morning, so of course a donut and a Diet Pepsi were in order. I have to say, Kwik Star donuts are incredible. I am fully enjoying the experience. Today I would actually like to write something of consequence - I was flipping through my notes on an incredible book we read as a staff - Visioneering by Andy Stanley (an amazing book for anyone to read - it encourages you to look for God's vision for your life as a spouse, parent, leader, friend...very inspiring). Here's a quote from "The Power of Vision" (chapter 9):

"All of us have been impacted by the visions people intentionally or unintentionally cast for us. Understanding this simple concept will help you grasp your potential as a visioncaster in the lives of those around you. Just as people's words have set a course for your life, so you too have the potential to set or alter the course of another...Vision is powerful. Particularly when it is cast by someone we look up to and respect, someone we trust and are prone to emulate. Chances are you either have or will have people in your life who feel that way about you...Once an authority figure exits our life, his or her influence often disappears as well. But not so with the person wise enough to plant the seed of a positive vision in our hearts. Their influence is often felt for a lifetime."

Those words are a reminder of the daily influence we have on those around us. Even the ordinary days, the laundry days and the grocery store days, we have opportunities to speak words to others that breathe life or death. Because I feel God has given me many people who have chosen to cast a positive vision for my life, I feel strongly about doing the same in a purposeful way for others. Be encouraged that though life at times seems mundane and routine, you are impacting those around you with an influence that can reverberate for a lifetime.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I have so little time for this today it's not even funny, but I will post under the crushing pressure of all my blogging friends. I have to say, I am SSSOOOO excited to go to Springfield next week it's not even funny. I desperately miss my friend Christy and need to see her - it has been over 2 years since I've given her a hug!! That's too long. Leann has a new baby, and so does Shannon. Beth, my sister, is getting married, so I will get to have some great family memories throughout the week of working on wedding stuff and the wedding itself on Saturday. The one thing I am SO incredibly bummed about is that I am missing Pastor Marvin and Chris' service here. I seriously cried today when I was thinking about it - it's so hard when so many people you love are together and you can't be there! I know it's ironic that I would feel that way when I will be with my family, but Waverly has become home and the people here my other family, so I will miss being a part of this special time. But there is no missing my sister's wedding or the opportunity to get away and clear my head, so I will go and I will enjoy it with my new hot pink suitcase! I will also stop at Super Target in Liberty, MO, and that will make everything better. Springfield, HERE I COME!!