Wednesday, February 21, 2007

To my Grandpa

To my Grandpa:
I was lucky to have two wonderful grandfathers in my life. I got you for the longest - 29 great years. I know that it was God's time to bring you home to be with Him, but I want you to know that I will miss you very much. I looked forward to holidays at your house so much. All the people, the laughter, the food, the fun, and your humor that made every occasion a blast. I think of all the times you and Grandma trekked down to southern Missouri and took me (and sometimes a friend) to dinner while I was in college. I remember all the graduations, musicals, drama team ministry, and so many other things in my growing-up years that you were a part of. But what I will remember most is your great hugs and your great smile and how they conveyed your great love for me. And I will be forever grateful to the man who invited you to church and to your willingness to hear and accept the salvation that Jesus offered. You began a Christian heritage that continues in your grandchildren and will continue for generations until Jesus comes. I couldn't be more grateful to follow in those footsteps that you laid out for us.
I love you so much, Grandpa. It was really hard to say good-bye this weekend. I want to hear one more joke, see one more smile, and get one more "I love you." As we were reminded this weekend - in God's time, it will only be a moment and then I will see you again.
Your Loving Granddaughter,