Friday, January 06, 2006

Hannah is awesome!

Hannah took some engagement pictures for us on Sunday. I wish I could post them all because they turned out great, but I can't. So here's a cute one - pretty natural-looking. I wouldn't mind cropping it down to our faces and using it for the "engagement" photo if we put one in the paper. There are a lot of good ones, so thanks so much, Hannah!! I'll be sending you a CD of them as soon as I get your address.


Heth said...

That picture is amazing. I can hear you laughing.

Beefy said...

Adorable picture!

Andrea said...

I love your pink jacket up against his black jacket!! This is a really good picture :)

hannahjoy said...

oh i love this picture. my mom or dad told me that the indoor pictures were too dark/blurry. i was afraid of that. but i can't wait to see the pictures!!! i'll email you my mailing address.

iridium said...

You guys are the awesome.

Now I'm getting all excited for the wedding....that is really strange.

I'm like really really excited.