Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chalk One Up for My Baby

I wanted everyone (who has time) to check out what Matt wrote in response to a blog I read regarding abortion/war/the death penalty all rolled into one. I get really emotional about these issues and can have a difficult time clearly stating why I believe what I do, but he did an amazing job of clarifying the core issue in these situations, which is that evil exists, and God desires that we do our best to protect the INNOCENT, whether that be through outlawing abortion or warring against those who make it their business to take innocent lives. That's my really short summary, but he does a superb job of outlining the points in a clear, concise way. Excellent, honey. I'm by far your biggest fan.

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T said...

yeah, it is incredible. He did an awesome job. I too wish I could be that thorough in my explanation of it all... good thing we have Matt (and Shawn) to do it for us!