Friday, January 20, 2006

My Birthday

I just got on Tina for not blogging this week, and then I realized I haven't blogged since Saturday. What a slacker am I. So I guess I'll follow Heather's lead and write 28 things about my 28th birthday (even though it's tomorrow and hasn't happened yet):

1. It's a Saturday! Yeah!
2. I get to see my parents and Tyler.
3. The last time I saw my parents on my birthday, they drove to Springfield, and surprised me when I was playing piano in chapel! I saw my little brother running in the lobby, and I knew it was him! I started crying right there on the stage. I was sick that day, but it was so cool that they drove SIX HOURS to surprise me. Wow.
4. We're driving to Des Moines for the day.
5. I think I'm making monkey bread for breakfast. Although I am debating now on whether or not to stop at Panera for coffee and pastries instead. Yum.
6. The only wedding thing I want to do all day: make the decision on where we will register. We have to get that figured out!
7. I HOPE I get my birthday card from my mom in the mail today (she sent it Wednesday).
8. For two years now, I have saved any early birthday cards I received and opened them in the morning when I woke up. It's a great way to start the day, especially when you live by yourself.
9. I am going to Jordan Creek to shop!
10. Maggie called me last night and said Old Navy has half off all the clearance prices, so I hope I can get Matt to come watch me try on clothes. It IS my birthday, after all.
11. Probably one way or the other, we will get to stop at the new gas station on the Eldora exit off I-35 and use the ballistic hand dryers. They rule. It's a Kum-n-Go - I want to say Exit 133.
12. My Grandma sent me $20 this week and a card in her barely legible British handwriting. So cute.
13. This is my last birthday before I get married!
14. I usually have a few friends who remember, so I'll look forward to talking to a few of them tomorrow.
15. Heth's right - this is a lot of things to think of. Maybe I should have waited until AFTER the birthday. Hmmm. I'm halfway through now...
16. I get to spend it with Matt. This will be my first birthday with a "special friend." Ha ha...seriously, never had a boyfriend for a birthday, and now I get a fiance and get to spend the WHOLE day with him. That is SO super-duper cool!

Okay, here's the plan. I will continue the list tomorrow since I highly doubt I'll be able to come up with 12 more (relevant) items today. But it's a start.

And since there were some questions, here is the picture from my birthday one year ago. The fun never ends when a cop's around...


Heth said...

Have a great time tomorrow. Buy lots of clothes! Eat lots of monkey bread! Happy Birthday! Woo Hoo!

hannahjoy said...

Ahahaha I laughed so hard at #11, because once on our way back from Ames, Josiah had me pull off at that exit to show me the hand dryers! They fascinated him and his friends. Not to brag, but the bathrooms in my cafeteria have the same hand dryers...

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a FABULOUS time in Des Moines! :)

T said...

We TOTALLY just discovered the ballistic hand dryers last week!!! They are awesome! It was scary at first!! What power!

Natalie Joy said...

I am seriously anxious to give these hand dryers a try. Hope your birthday was absolutely awesome. So much has changed in one year. It is kinda crazy. Love you sooo much.