Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VBS Slacker

Wow, I'm a slacker. I haven't posted in a long time. It's VBS week, so I am too mentally and physically to think of something great to post. But I can share a picture of our new baby...

He he he...did you think it was really a baby? OK, maybe not.

I am NOT a pet person. I think I have made it abundantly clear that I don't like animals. THen why, oh why, does this kitten have to be so cute? His name is Monkey. He found us, so we took him in. Our little orphan kitty. Awww.

Don't be deceived by his docile appearance in the picture. He is very annoying when he runs around like a crazy cat. Sometimes, if Matt's gone, I put him back in the cage when I get sick of hearing him jump on everything and wondering what electrical cord he is going to chew through first. Once he's old enough (2-4 weeks hopefully), he will definitely be morphing into an outdoor kitten. But we found him at 5 weeks old, and he's only 6 weeks now, so we want him to get bigger so he has a fighting chance out there as a country cat.

I never thought I'd have an indoor pet, even temporarily. What is this world coming to? Will I soon believe in global warming? (HA - that's a joke, people. I like a cute kitten; I didn't lose my mind.)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Is Summer Here Yet?

When I get tired and stressed, I crave vacation. I want to get away. I want the feeling of being carefree. I am currently dreaming of some summer fun we have planned.
July 3-4 Galena (The Goldmoor - love it!)
July 11-14 Minneapolis (this and this and this)
July 19 Des Moines (my husband loves these)
August 28-September 1 Wisconsin Dells (not sure yet, but we would really like to go)

I can't stop thinking about HAVING FUN! Never mind the fact that our summer is also supposed to include re-siding and insulating part of our home, fixing the RV so we can get rid of it, finishing the half-finished bathroom...the list goes on.

OK, back to vacation. Last summer we went to California and had an amazing time...
Then we did Galena again; of course, it was awesome...

Thanksgiving was stressful with a flat tire on I-80, but still a great time...

There are so many more...Matt and I love traveling together. I can't wait to relax and see what this year's adventures will bring!

Monday, June 02, 2008


Steve and I went over VBS stuff today. VBS begins three weeks from today, and the to do list we came up with is 3 and a half pages long. My head hurts. I need to go home and think about something else for a while! I have been dying for some time off lately, but I don't see that happening before VBS. The good thing is we are staying here for a night the week after VBS. Something to look forward to for sure! We stayed in the room below (the Turret Room) for my birthday. Fun!