Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just stuff

I suppose the wedding preparations are now in full swing. It's pretty insane, but I'm getting some big decisions made, so that's a relief. Big announcement: the colors are hot pink and silver!! Yeah - I am SO excited. I did a mock-up invitation today, so I think I'll be ordering the components tomorrow. Picked out fabric for the bridesmaid's dresses and the pattern as well.

Today was amusing - at the dentist's office, I mentioned to the dental hygienist that I was tired. She asked if the holidays were busy, and I said that they were and that I am also planning a wedding. She immediately asked a million questions - where is it, when is it, what colors, where's the reception, and so on. She's been married for 6 years, so it wasn't as though she was living vicariously. It just seems that whenever the word "wedding" is mentioned to a woman, she responds with such enthusiasm and gusto it's as though she's asking about her best friend's wedding or something. We are so enamored with weddings and everything surrounding them - it all comes back to that desire in the heart of every woman to be someone's princess, to be lovely. I tell you what, I could find something in every day of my life that brings me back to Captivating. The relevance of it never ceases to amaze me.

So that's it. Sorry if my blogging is inconsistent - I hope you'll give me some grace as I try to balance all the areas of my changing life and still remain a member of our lovely blogging world. Glad to see I made the cut on Heather's links. He he...I just had to throw that in there if only to amuse myself.


Heth said...

Hot Pink and Silver.

When I read that, I just wanted to cry tears of joy. That is brilliant.

I'll cut you some slack on the frequency of your posts....Your excuse is legit, a WEDDING! :) Cutting Matt some slack too, added the Shredi Master, his proposal series saved him.

Beefy said...

:) Awesome colors! It'll be incredible!

COMPLETELY agree that women just have so much to talk about when you mention a wedding! It's that way with being pregnant, too - and then when you have the baby out in public - it's like an automatic invitation for women to come talk to you. It's been great for me, cause I'm not real great with conversation starting.

I think you should have a decoy tux and make Matt think he has to wear hot pink! *wink*

T said...

so many WeDDINGS this year. I just might have to go SHOPPING myself. :)

(Shawn's sister Shera just got engaged today!)

Angela said...

Shera's engaged? I'll have to go to her blog and send her a note to congratulate her! Thanks for the info...