Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back Home

I have nothing profound today, just the fact that I am home and the laundry is done. Last week was weird - I had a great time, but it just wasn't exactly what I expected in some ways. Anyway, it was so fun to spend time with Beth and Steph (and John and Jim), to help set up for the wedding (so much work that it's insane, and it wasn't even that elaborate - there must be a way to do a more simple wedding), to wear a pretty dress and take lots of pictures, and to see so many of my wonderful friends. I always get a little sad to leave them and wish I could live closer to them, but mostly I'm grateful that I have them in my life and that we maintain the closeness we do even with the distance that separates us. And I have great friends in Waverly, too - I am SO thankful that the days of driving home and bawling my eyes out the entire way are over. So, I will get back into the swing of things and hopefully feel like a normal person in a day or two, sentimentality pushed aside for the tasks at hand. I do know that I am incredibly excited about this week's upcoming fall weather, so I will focus on that. I finally got a few wedding pictures, so here's one of me and my brother at the wedding. I will post more in coming days.


Heth said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Wait 'till the girls see it. They will love it!

Angela said...

Thank you! You're too sweet.

Heth said...

Camryn "Who is that?"

Noelle "It's Angela"

Camryn "She got married?"

Me "No, she's not wearing white"

Noelle "She's on a date?"

Me "No, that's her brother"

Camryn "It doesn't look like her"

Me "What do you mean it doesn't look like her?"

Camryn "Her face, and she's wearing a dress."

Noelle "She never wears dreses"

Noelle "She is a really pretty girl."

Ok, my children are SO non-observant, either that, or they never see you on a sunday morning.

Angela said...

Oh, man, that is awesome! I love it!