Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chicken Enchiladas

Matt's still working on the pictures, but here's one of us and a link to the website with pictures from the Queen concert.
Yesterday I made these chicken enchiladas for dinner. It's one of those things where you feel like you're making 4 different components at once and it seems like a balancing act, but when they were done, oh my word, what joy they brought to me. I knew Matt liked them because I had made them once before, but I forgot how good they were. It is SO worth the work! My house still smells like garlic. Such a beautiful thing. I am getting excited and am beginning to salivate as I think about eating the leftovers tonight. That and continuing to clean my insane house that still suffers from the remnants of our New York trip and my inability to be home for one single solitary night since I returned. Ooohh, but I have that caramel corn from Heather at home, too...okay, I'm going now.

Two months till Christmas!!


Natalie Joy said...

You guys are so cute and your chicken enchiladas rock! Pass the recipe on.

Adonai Jedi said...

Quit talking about food!! You're making me hungry. those were killer enchaladas. Did you ever notice how many "A"'s there are in enchalada. it seems liek a lot.

Amy said...

ang- can you send me the recipe? :-)

T said...

I can't wait to eat them.