Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another Wedding

We went to yet another wedding yesterday, that of Pam and Jack. I wasn't too opposed since I was able to wear a dress my sister bought probably 5 years ago when the Ann Taylor Outlet in Branson closed and she had yet to wear it. It was a cute little burgundy dress with some beads on it, but it was too cold to wear without a sweater (it is spaghetti-strapped). Anyway, Matt was all fine in his groomsman's tux, so after the 11:00 a.m. wedding and reception (with great soup and pie, by the way), we went to Cedar Falls with Maggie and Jason to see a movie. Yes, in all our wedding finery. Well, not "our wedding" finery period. That didn't come out quite right. Then we read at Barnes and Noble for a little while - I'm very interested in finishing the book I started, 9 Things You Must Do (to Succeed in Love and Life) by Dr. Henry Cloud. He's a great author, so I will try to pick that one up soon. And we topped it off with dinner at Bourbon Street. Such a great place - I've yet to eat something there that I didn't absolutely love. I like dress up days. Thanks for the fun day, dear! (I have a picture or two, but the batteries on my camera are dead, so I'll try to post on Tuesday or something.)


Heth said...

Waiting anxiously for those pics. Don't you have some reason to go into the the office tomorrow? Plants that need watering or something?

T said...

wow! I haven't been here in a while! You have a lot of stuff! It's so fun to read! Weddings are so fun... I wish I had one to go to... you should plan one sometime! ;)