Thursday, October 13, 2005

What to Wear

I have the hardest time deciding what to bring on vacations. This one is only a few days, so it doesn't seem like it should be that difficult. But I always feel the need to be prepared for any and every situation that may arise - what if it's colder than I thought? warmer? What if I want to dress up for something? dress down? Do I have the right shoe options for all these possible outfits? jewelry? purse? I mean, there are so many things to think about it's not even funny. And that doesn't even include pajamas, swimsuit, workout clothes (just IN CASE I want to work out - like there's so much time for that on vacation...but you never know). No matter - in 9 hours, I will be on the road, all my options exhausted and hopefully all of it fitting into one hot pink suitcase. I also have a cute black satin backpack for my carry-on - Target clearance for $4.48. That rules. Hopefully I can stay focused enough to get a few things done before I go home. Can't wait to tell you all about it.

Oh, by the way, if you like scary stuff you will have to drive by Matt's house when we get back. He made the scariest ghost that will be on's freaky. You have to go after dark.


T said...

take all the clothes you can. I'm with you... don't leave anything behind. You need to be prepared. Be a real woman with that LARGE FULL suitcase! All the makeup accessories too.. don't forget them. Email me Matt's address.. I don't know where he lives. I want to check out the ghoulish creature he concocted!

soontobemrsfugitt said...

I took tons of clothes on our honeymoon and unfortunately, since John was sick almost the entire time, I didn't really get to wear any of them. Oh, well. Enjoy!