Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What's a weekend?

I used to have weekends. I watched "What Not to Wear" on Friday nights (I really do miss that) and some NASCAR if it was on and stay up late reading. I would sleep in on Saturdays, watch TV for a little while, read, take a shower whenever I wanted to, and just generally hang out and waste time. I no longer have such a thing as a weekend. I looked at the calendar and realized that there is something on the calendar for either Friday night or Saturday or both for every weekend until Christmas. Literally. Most of it's pretty fun stuff, so it's not that I'm not excited about it. Especially doing all the fun holiday things with Matt. But I really can't figure out what happened to actually having a Saturday. And I wonder why my house is never clean and nothing seems to be organized anymore.


Beefy said...

Haha, I am TOTALLY with you there! I have to schedule my showers according to what I'm doing that day. It doesn't slow down from here, my dear.

T said...

yeah, I love it when reality hits a single woman. Welcome to the rest of your life... :)