Friday, September 23, 2005


I stopped for gas this morning, so of course a donut and a Diet Pepsi were in order. I have to say, Kwik Star donuts are incredible. I am fully enjoying the experience. Today I would actually like to write something of consequence - I was flipping through my notes on an incredible book we read as a staff - Visioneering by Andy Stanley (an amazing book for anyone to read - it encourages you to look for God's vision for your life as a spouse, parent, leader, friend...very inspiring). Here's a quote from "The Power of Vision" (chapter 9):

"All of us have been impacted by the visions people intentionally or unintentionally cast for us. Understanding this simple concept will help you grasp your potential as a visioncaster in the lives of those around you. Just as people's words have set a course for your life, so you too have the potential to set or alter the course of another...Vision is powerful. Particularly when it is cast by someone we look up to and respect, someone we trust and are prone to emulate. Chances are you either have or will have people in your life who feel that way about you...Once an authority figure exits our life, his or her influence often disappears as well. But not so with the person wise enough to plant the seed of a positive vision in our hearts. Their influence is often felt for a lifetime."

Those words are a reminder of the daily influence we have on those around us. Even the ordinary days, the laundry days and the grocery store days, we have opportunities to speak words to others that breathe life or death. Because I feel God has given me many people who have chosen to cast a positive vision for my life, I feel strongly about doing the same in a purposeful way for others. Be encouraged that though life at times seems mundane and routine, you are impacting those around you with an influence that can reverberate for a lifetime.


Adonai Jedi said...

You are as wise as you are beautiful

T said...

good words.
I might have to borrow that book.