Sunday, September 25, 2005

Chicken noodle soup and such

Since I am going to be gone all week, I have an excuse for writing twice in one day. And the only reason I'm writing is because I had to leave Matt today, and he was so sick that I felt horrible! I wanted to take care of him, but there's really nothing I could do other than making chicken noodle soup. I don't need to get sick when I have such a big week ahead of me, so it was probably best for me not to stick around, but I so badly wished I could stay and do something. It didn't help that it was a sad, rainy, dreary day as well. Well, if I can't do anything, at least I can write about it.

I remember my last trip to Springfield - 5 months ago almost to the day, and it is unbelievable to think of how many things have changed since then. I wonder what life will look like 5 months from now. I hope God has some big things to teach me this week because I sure feel like I'm missing a lot by being gone right now. Jenny and Michelle reassured me that they will not forget me this week...that was very sweet. I will miss ALL of you...but, Matt, I have to say I'll miss you the most. And I hope you get to read this because it should mean you are feeling better!


Heth said...

We are going to miss you, I sure hope you don't get sick. Have a great trip!

T said...

We'll miss you! Have FUN!!!!!