Thursday, September 22, 2005

I have so little time for this today it's not even funny, but I will post under the crushing pressure of all my blogging friends. I have to say, I am SSSOOOO excited to go to Springfield next week it's not even funny. I desperately miss my friend Christy and need to see her - it has been over 2 years since I've given her a hug!! That's too long. Leann has a new baby, and so does Shannon. Beth, my sister, is getting married, so I will get to have some great family memories throughout the week of working on wedding stuff and the wedding itself on Saturday. The one thing I am SO incredibly bummed about is that I am missing Pastor Marvin and Chris' service here. I seriously cried today when I was thinking about it - it's so hard when so many people you love are together and you can't be there! I know it's ironic that I would feel that way when I will be with my family, but Waverly has become home and the people here my other family, so I will miss being a part of this special time. But there is no missing my sister's wedding or the opportunity to get away and clear my head, so I will go and I will enjoy it with my new hot pink suitcase! I will also stop at Super Target in Liberty, MO, and that will make everything better. Springfield, HERE I COME!!


T said...

oh yeah! An opportunity to use a HOT PINK suitcase is definately an opportunity to be optimistic about life! :) Happy luggage toting! Have a great time! And thanks for FINALLY gettin with the blogspot crowd!

Brownie said...

Okay, is there any other girl cuter than ANGELA JOY THOMPSON aka Supafly & Ethe.

I can't wait to hug your tiny little pink loving self!

See you soon!

Heth said... have a hot pick suitcase???!! That is FABULOUS!

Have a great trip, I'm sure the wedding will be wonderful. It is so great that you have a blog now. YAY!

soontobemrsfugitt said...

That's right, fool. There will be no missing of my wedding. By the way, I saw Pastor Tom today and he said he lost my phone number, but he wasn't giving me the cold shoulder. Anyway, love you lots! See you Monday.

Amy said...

can't wait to see you angela!!