Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ready or Not...It Will Come!

It was not long after I found out that I was pregnant before the big question entered my mind: "How am I going to get this baby out of here?"

I read almost all of What To Expect When You're Expecting in a matter of days, and then I decided I had plenty of time to worry about it later. Now I'm 17 weeks (well, I am tomorrow!), and even though I still have lots of time, I want to be a well-informed first time mother. A friend suggested reading the Bradley book, so I checked it out at my mom's library. I devoured it, too, but I am not completely convinced. Rather than get into all the gory details, I wanted to put it out there for my many mom friends: have you ever used the Bradley method of natural childbirth? Even if not, have you heard of it/read the book? I would be interested in any feedback or opinions from those who may be somewhat familiar with it.

I am by no means a "natural childbirth" freak. I am not a nature lover, a tree hugger, or a granola eater. I have friends who are all of these things, but I'm more of a Starbucks drinker and an "indoorsy" girl. However, the concept of natural childbirth definitely intrigues me. He has some good points. I'm just not sure about all of it. So if anyone's interested in engaging in conversation about it, I definitely am! I just thought I would throw it out there and see what I get.


Stephanie said...

I'll engage. Can you handle HARD period cramping for hours on end every few seconds apart where you can hardly catch your breath? Then you can do it! i'm POSITIVE anyone can do it, it's just a matter of why suffer when you don't have to? Plus when you never know how long it could be it becomes very easy to give in. I made no promises to myself about going one way or the other and for me it was a no brainer, take the drugs! Now things went really well for me even after the drugs, so I consider myself lucky. Just know it will be a total of AT MOST 24 hours of your life. You can do ANYTHING for 24 hours right? And that if you're different from me and mom. I think you're more like us than you know........ :) Good luck and keep reading, because when baby comes all that stops! I've got several books you can take home and enjoy...... LOVE YOU and looking forward to seeing you soon!

Nicole W. said...

Drugs all the way. I find nothing beautiful in pain. I suck with pain, i hate pain.

My kids are just fine as my kids can be--you have hung out with them...and me.... LOL

mel said...

every single delivery is different.. so listen to others but really dont.. :)
it hurts kinda like God refining us.. but then the outcome is amazing!!!! i can not wait to see that baby!!!!!
did i mention that i am way excited to meet her.. her.. ???
hum.. i miss you.
are you going to springfield..???

Leah said...

First of all, congratulations! Second of all, no, you don't know me :) I was just cruising along randomly clicking on one blogroll to the next and found you. Pretty sure I was at the Laundry Pile last. Anyways, I had the same thoughts as you, I'm NOT a crunchy granola type person, but I was interested in natural childbirth, or at least pushing myself as far as I could. Try reading Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn by Penny Simkin. It is very thorough, and much less biased than I think WTEWYE is. It helped me explore ideas and figure out what I wanted. My plan going into it was "I'm not ruling out the meds but I'm definitely going to see how long I can go without them." Good luck! I think I'll stick around your blog for a bit :)