Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VBS Slacker

Wow, I'm a slacker. I haven't posted in a long time. It's VBS week, so I am too mentally and physically to think of something great to post. But I can share a picture of our new baby...

He he he...did you think it was really a baby? OK, maybe not.

I am NOT a pet person. I think I have made it abundantly clear that I don't like animals. THen why, oh why, does this kitten have to be so cute? His name is Monkey. He found us, so we took him in. Our little orphan kitty. Awww.

Don't be deceived by his docile appearance in the picture. He is very annoying when he runs around like a crazy cat. Sometimes, if Matt's gone, I put him back in the cage when I get sick of hearing him jump on everything and wondering what electrical cord he is going to chew through first. Once he's old enough (2-4 weeks hopefully), he will definitely be morphing into an outdoor kitten. But we found him at 5 weeks old, and he's only 6 weeks now, so we want him to get bigger so he has a fighting chance out there as a country cat.

I never thought I'd have an indoor pet, even temporarily. What is this world coming to? Will I soon believe in global warming? (HA - that's a joke, people. I like a cute kitten; I didn't lose my mind.)


Rachel said...

So glad to here you are a Carl Edwards fan. We can be friends. I could not commit to being your friend if you were going to be a Tony Stuart or Juan Montoya fan. I will have nothing to do with them. I am a fan of Carl's and I actually have a Carl shirt. But the friction (between my husband & I) when Carl was winning and Newman was loosing was way to great so I had to move Ryan to my primary driver and Carl to my secondary. And then there was that thing last year when he got mad at Kenseth or something. After that my husband and his friends started calling him Crazy Carl. So basically I changed to Ryan because of peer pressure. That and I love Ryan's wife Krissie. Okay, I have rambled on enough now!

Your kitty is cute.

Hang in there - just a few more days of VBS! It is so worth it! Hope yours goes as good as ours did.

Looking forward to chatting more in the future. :)

Judy said...

OHHHH...he's sweet! They are so cute when they are little! I love the name!

Beefy said...

Monkey is adorable!! :) I would love to stop sometime to see him, does that include coffee?? :)

Angela said...

Of course it does! I have Tiramisu and Cinnamon Bun creamer right now.

melanie said...

he is so adorable! just a heads up, we lost so many kitties from other animals out there. it worked really good to put them inside in some building at night, i think it was owls or something. love yah!

ann said...

I'm not a pet person either, and definitely not a cat person, but your little buddy there just melts my heart! Look at those beautiful blue eyes! An absolutely adorable picture of you and the kitty, Angela!