Thursday, June 05, 2008

Is Summer Here Yet?

When I get tired and stressed, I crave vacation. I want to get away. I want the feeling of being carefree. I am currently dreaming of some summer fun we have planned.
July 3-4 Galena (The Goldmoor - love it!)
July 11-14 Minneapolis (this and this and this)
July 19 Des Moines (my husband loves these)
August 28-September 1 Wisconsin Dells (not sure yet, but we would really like to go)

I can't stop thinking about HAVING FUN! Never mind the fact that our summer is also supposed to include re-siding and insulating part of our home, fixing the RV so we can get rid of it, finishing the half-finished bathroom...the list goes on.

OK, back to vacation. Last summer we went to California and had an amazing time...
Then we did Galena again; of course, it was awesome...

Thanksgiving was stressful with a flat tire on I-80, but still a great time...

There are so many more...Matt and I love traveling together. I can't wait to relax and see what this year's adventures will bring!


melanie said...

yah!! we have been wanting to do valley fair this year too, fun fun! love yah!

Beefy said...

Goldmoor looks great! I suppose you're not looking for a third party though. :)

And I LOVE the mall of america - I used to live there (except for when I slept).

sounds like a great summer!! Woowoo! You're so pretty.

Heth said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Matt. That is perfect. Woo HOO! Valleyfair will be a blast!

Nancy said...

Looks like so much fun! THanks for sharing the pics.

Rachel said...

Okay fellow NASCAR fan, I need to know the real info. Who is your DRIVER???

We are Ryan Newman people in our house. We are really pulling for him to leave Penske Racing this year when his contract is up. If he does not leave Penske we will be finding a new driver. We can't stand the loosing any more. We think it is Penske's fault. We will see next year if he leaves.

Looking forward to more NASCAR chats in the future!