Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 months old!

Last week, Isabella turned 3 months old! It certainly has flown by. True to form, Heather took some amazing pictures for us! I could not have been happier with them. We ordered an 11x14 to put in a HUGE frame that we bought a few years ago. It looks amazing! My baby is now plastered all over the living room. I love it!

So three months...I figured she would still be mostly newborn-ish, but she seems so different already. She smiles a ton! I love that I can make her smile. On Friday, she started jabbering a bunch more! It's been so much fun to hear her figure out her voice. We love it. She has even started grabbing her toys, although she doesn't have a great deal of control over what she does with them yet. And, of course, everything goes in her mouth.

Last night she was nursing on my lap before bed, and I thought about how small she is. She fits nicely across my lap while she's nursing, and one of these days, she won't fit on my lap like that anymore. I get so anxious to see her reach some of the exciting milestones ahead, but when I reflect on how quickly it's going by, I remind myself to s - l - o - w d - o - w - n. I can tear up just thinking about the day when she won't be a "baby" anymore.

Isabella now screams in my face, and she is LOUD! (I can't imagine how she came to inherit that trait.) She still takes forever to go to sleep most nights. (But she sleeps for 10+ hours, so it's hard to complain.) She throws fits in the car at times that just drive me bonkers. (Other times she sleeps like an angel.) She is my baby girl, and I am enjoying every amazing and every trying moment. They are passing all too quickly.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

She such a cutie!

And the last paragraph...Lucy and Bella have a lot in common ;)

1smalltownlife said...

It does go by so fast. I mean, Emily was born, I blinked, and then she turned three.

You have a beautiful baby girl, Angela!

Tina said...

She really is growing up so fast! It does go by so quickly. You will be so glad you are recording these precious times in a blog... and that you journal. It will be so good to read these 10 years from now. You are a wonderul mommy!

Abbie said... girl. she is so sweet. and as tina will be glad about this blog and the journal-but so will she. my mom only has one page on me in her baby book and i read it over and over again. =) love you-all 3 of you! :)