Thursday, May 22, 2008


It's been a long week. We had meetings all day Tuesday and Wednesday. It helped that it was here. I love that place. But I still have ADD, so sitting still and paying attention for hours on end is difficult for me. So I snacked. And snacked. And snacked. I'm very thankful that it's over.

My work to-do list is long from being gone those two days and busy with lots of stuff includes (but is definitely not limited to):
1. Looking over the Discovery 101 class material for Pastor Marvin's class next Sunday
2. Finding some closing ceremony skits for our VBS meeting next week
3. Helping Steve start to plan the VBS All-Volunteer Meeting
4. Making a CD label for the VBS music CD
5. Working with Michelle to get everything ready for the VBS registration table next week
6. Send out next week's worship set (good thing I just remembered that)
7. Figuring out what to do for a VBS promo poster to put up around the community

I can't think about what else right now...or the to do list at home. I am just glad I can go home tonight. There is a graduation open house every day this weekend, but I am not too worried about that. I'm just glad there IS a weekend!

By the way, I really want to share the great stuff God is doing in my life. I just haven't had time to type it all out. But He is awesome and so faithful.


melanie said...

looks like the letters "vbs" have lots to do with that list!
love you babe!

Heth said...

That list exhausts me. Go for it ANG!

ann said...

See?? It's all the hard work and your willingness to do it that makes OBC so AWESOME!!! Good job :)

And I have to snack while I'm working on my Bible study homework to keep myself awake. I don't mean that it's boring and all, I just mean that for some reason I doze off a lot while I'm reading. But if I eat, I stay awake! The other day I was wanting chips (something salty) but we didn't have anything, so I ate crunchy taco shells hahahaha!