Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Planning a Wedding...or Building a Marriage?

Wedding season is coming. I have been contemplating what to get for some of these couples. I hated getting a slew of gifts that weren't on my registry, I didn't need, couldn't figure out where to return, etc., so I am sympathetic to that perspective. I also know that they will receive many things to fill their home but not much to help their minds and hearts adjust to being a husband and wife. This is one of the best (if not the very best) books I have read on marriage. It challenged me and changed my thinking in many ways.

What if God created marriage to make you holy more than to make you happy?

I think I will throw this in the gift bag along with a cookie sheet or cake pan. I wonder which will do more good for their future?


melanie said...

it tis kinda weird how our culture is. the marriage comes with lots of work, yet is priceless. the wedding is so tangible and pretty, and then gone. i think if i and josh were going to rewedding we'd do the beach. love you babe, have a great weekend. ((with my babies!!))

Heth said...

I love that quote. Sure makes you think.

I don't know, a batch of warm cookies sure can smooth over a fight... :)

(LOVE that photo)