Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Jesus

My blog today is not complicated. Because I can only do simple today. Have you ever had a day where nothing on earth got you through except knowing that Jesus was there? I have certain songs I will listen to on repeat for an entire day just to remind that Jesus is there, and He loves me. Here are the lyrics from today's song of choice, "What a Friend I've Found":

What a friend I've found,
Closer than a brother.
I have felt Your touch,
More intimate than lovers.

Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, friend forever.

What a hope I've found,
More faithful than a mother.
It would break my heart
To ever lose each other.

Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, friend forever.

The simplicity speaks to me today. And on some days, simply saying Jesus over and over is all we can do. So I will. And be so thankful for the hope I have in Him.


Rev60 said...
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Rev60 said...

I really appreciate that Ang. When life turns into a whirlwind sometimes all we can do is call on his name over and over again. He is so faithful to come and calm the storm in our hearts. Thank you for that

Natalie Joy said...

Thanks for the reminder that HE is really all we NEED. Most other things are really just wants. Thanks

T said...

I hear you ... and agree completely. You are such a great example to so many.... hope your days are looking up.

Cynthia said...

Funny how sometimes all else falls away, but He is always there. . . Reminds me of the words to "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus".