Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes

Since I posted a scary picture of Matt last time, I owe him a nice one. This is about the only picture we got from Lindsey's wedding on Friday, anyway. It snowed for some of the afternoon and all evening, so it was a little treacherous for those traveling but definitely made it beautiful. It was really fun to dance with Matt and with the heels I wore, I think it was a decent workout, too. So overall, I'd have to give it a thumbs-up. LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG day, though - the night wedding seems like such a romantic prospect, but no thanks to the waiting-around-all-day aspect of it. But I hope she enjoyed it since that is how she wanted it. Too bad you can't see my cute shoes in this picture - they were killer. And I can't find a link to them on the Internet, so you'll have to live wondering. I'll try to wear them for Christmas or something so my Waverly friends can see them. Payless has these amazing gold shoes with which I am so in love, but I have refrained so far. Sorry, I got a little distracted with the introduction of the topic of shoes. Well, remember to bundle up and head out for Windows on Main tomorrow night - Crossed is playing in the Steere's window, so come by and make faces in the window...I mean, cheer them on. :-) I am so the supportive girlfriend, let me tell you.


T said...

we can't wait!

iridium said...

I can't wait for tonight.

I'll have to talk heth into letting me buy kettle corn. She gets mad just because I want it eat it all myself and not share with the kids. sheesh, what's HER problem.

Anyway, we'll definitely have to stop by SHB to see Crossed.

It could stand to be a tad warmer, but the fresh snow that is falling will make up for the cold.

iridium said...

t!!!! you just beat me to it.

If I would have put that word verification in, I would have had the first comment!

Amy said...

Aren't you guys adorable?! You look lovely as usual Ang!

Amy said...

p.s. send me the link to those gold shoes! :-)

Natalie Joy said...

You guys are so cute!!!