Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Go, Carl, Go!

You have heard that I love NASCAR. But do you know why?

I have been a fan for around 6 years. I definitely knew about it and watched races prior to that time, but I was very casual about it. When I moved to another city, I decided to start watching more regularly so I could have something to share with my dad (he has loved cars and racing for a very long time).

I began watching and cheering for his favorites because, well, that's all I knew. I hated the ones he hated, too. Oh, that Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. To mention such names is tantamount to swearing in his presence. So I got into it and realized how interesting the season as a whole could be. Like other sports, you compete all season for the big year-end "prize" - to be the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion. (Used to be Nextel Cup, used to be Winston Cup...but that's another blog.)

Some of my favorites did better than others. I loved Matt Kenseth. He's from Wisconsin (Midwestern-born like me), drives a Ford, and I liked his humble personality. He won the championship in 2003. Two years in a row! I loved Kurt Busch when he drove a Ford (one of the key criteria in my home). He was brash and bold, but he was a great driver. He won the championship in 2004. I cried. (Stop laughing.)

So now we skip ahead to 2008. Kyle Busch is really showing his stuff. However, Carl Edwards is up to four wins (second to Kyle in this category). Carl is from Missouri (I lived there for 7 years). He has the best personality of any guy on the circuit. He is a tough competitor, but he's friendly, gives a great interview, and is respectful. I really like Carl. I met him in October 2004. He was just entering the scene, and I was able to get the above picture with him. Single girl, single guy - my head was spinning. Sure, I'm a pastor. And Carl...well, I knew that would likely never work out well. But a girl can dream, right?

I am amazed at how popular he is now. He has the best shot to win this year's championship of all the guys I root for (Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Carl, Jamie McMurray, David Ragan - they all drive for the same owner). And he won the race on Sunday! It was a great race with plenty of ups and downs. It's like a movie; you can't stop it in the middle or skip to the end lest you miss some great plot twist. It's tense; the protagonist may lose it all. And when he pulls off the win, it's that much sweeter. I didn't get to watch it until Monday, but I still screamed and yelled for him. There is nothing like your guy winning. I'm sure you agree, no matter what sport you follow.


Rachel said...

Great picture! I really enjoy hearing people's NASCAR stories. Good luck at the Glen!

jenni said...

Oh how I miss the screams that used to come from next door on a Sunday afternoon. Since you're out in the country now, do you feel you can scream louder? Just wondering, because if you did I might still be able to hear you in town!!!!! You know I love you. :)

Tina said...

Wouldn't that be awesome if he ever actually read this post and commented??? :)

You truly are the best fan ever...if he only knew. :)

Nancy said...

Wow...never pegged you for a NASCAR person. Who knew! Great pic BTW...and that would be cool if he read it and commented. Maybe he'll Google his name someday or something!

Amie said...

You cried - lol

Heth said...

I don't really have an interest in NASCAR, but I would love to watch YOU watch NASCAR. Enthusiasm taken to a whole new level. GO CARL!