Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Mother Lode

My sister is due with her first child (a daughter!) in a few months. We are having her first baby shower next weekend, so I have been looking for deals so I can get her MORE stuff! She hasn't bought a lot of clothes, which of course is one of the most fun baby shopping experiences. At least, it is for me. I found this adorable outfit at H&M:

It wasn't even on SALE. Hel-lo?!?! (Get it? Hello Kitty?) I don't know the last time I bought a clothing item at regular price. I just thought the Hello Kitty was too adorable, and I figured a hot pink sweater for a baby girl could be worn over many things in the winter. I hope so, because I think it's just precious.

Then my clearance shopping instinct kicked in and I purchased the following items for next summer:

That would be 2 pairs of shorts, 4 tank tops (all items were 98 cents each), two floral print dresses, one insanely cute smocked pink top with brown polka dots (her nursery colors will be pink and brown), and two peasant-style tops with stitching on the sleeves. Oh, and I didn't include them in the picture, but there is a set of onesies with Disney princesses dresses. One says "It's all about the..." and has a picture of a dress. SO cute! I am so glad she found out she is having a girl - it's so fun to shop when you know who you're shopping for!


Rachel said...

I too am preparing for a baby shower! My sister-in-law is expecting a boy in November and we are having a shower in 3 weeks. I hope I can find deals as good as you did! So Cute!

melanie said...

awww! they are adorable. we all want to shop for you!!! just so you know, i'll throw the shower!! hehe. is that incentive enough??

Amie said...

Yay for baby girl clothes!

Ah-hem. I just bought 10 exact same articles of clothing shown in that picture (sets of 5 different ones for matching girls). TARGET! 98 cents is great, *sigh*

I love your words - like "insanely cute". Pink and brown polka dots are my favorite - how cute!!

Tina said...

those are soooooo adorable.
seriously, girls are so much more fun to buy for than boys. I should know. ;)

Heth said...

It is Auntie Angela's job to keep that sweet baby girl dressed in hot pink and zebra print.

Nancy said...

Girls are so much fun to buy for...c'mon Angela, you know you want one of your very own! ;)