Monday, September 17, 2007

Purple Weekend

This was my purple weekend. I won this book at a conference.

And I won this bathroom by having the best husband in the entire world.


Three days and very little sleep later:

He picked out all the fixtures without input - we had talked a little bit about it, but in a future, this is what I might want someday, kind of way. He even asked me while I was gone how tall I am. He was trying to decide where to place the wall sconces so I could get the best light for doing my makeup. Does it get any better than that?

Think about a few days without your spouse - even though you miss him or her, you try to think of the things you can do with a little alone time: read a book (or a magazine if you're my husband), watch your favorite TV shows, watch a movie he or she wouldn't like, eat what you want, follow your own schedule, work on your hobbies...all the stuff you have very little time for during a normal week. He gave up all those things plus a lot of the basics like food and sleep so he could finish this bathroom for me.

Do you know what he said? He knew that I wanted a finished room in our house, and since he knew the basement bathroom couldn't be completed in 3 days, he decided to do this room so I would have one room that is completely done. How amazing is that? He totally put himself in my shoes and did what he thought would make me happy. Holy cow - I knew I married an awesome man, but this is so over the top and amazing. He works so hard at his job that he's often pretty beat when he gets home. For him to set aside so much time to complete this room for me is beyond what I could have dreamed. He finished it from top to bottom: ceiling tiles, baseboards and all the trim, fixtures, a new half wall to hide the plumbing, new electrical and plumbing, new laminate hardwood-look flooring (I absolutely love it), new wall color...there's probably even more I'm not thinking even thinking of right now. That makes ME tired! And thanks to my wonderful father-in-law, Vern, for pitching in on Saturday to get it all completed before I came home!

Thank you, baby. I feel like I won the lottery for the greatest, most loving and giving husband that can be found. You inspire me to keep thinking up new, fun surprises to show how much I love you.

I suppose I have to finish soon. I could write about this forever. Here is the very awesome wall sconce he picked out:

It is all even cooler in person, so please come over and see it soon!

And here is my wonderful baby at 3:57 a.m. on Saturday morning (it's hard to see the time in the picture):

I couldn't ask for a better husband. You were SO worth waiting for!


Heth said...

Oh my goodness, that is one glamorous bathroom. It looks fabulous. WAY TO GO SUPER HUSBAND OF THE YEAR!

Seriously, that is amazing.

meLanie said...

ang- i love it!! it is so awesome. way to go matt!!! can't wait to see it-how fun!!

leighdrea said...

Yay! FUn color! I wanna come see it!

Judy said...

AWWWW! That is the best! Reminds me of coming home early once from a week away with the kids and Todd and the nieghbor were hanging a porch swing in a tree for me that the neighbor had built. I showed up before they got it done. And he also had someone come clean the house while I was gone for a surprise. I totally forgot about that. Not only is Matt's gift to you awesome, but it has jarred loose a wonderful memory for me as well! Thanks MATT! and Thanks, Ang for sharing!

Ann said...

He is awesome!!! And I love the whole thing!! It's just like that show on TLC "While You Were Out," but he didn't need a professional team to do the work! He WAS the team!!! That is awesome.