Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Great Getaway

We are beginning to plan our summer vacation! We have purchased our tickets and are going to spend 10 days in the San Jose/San Francisco area next month! I can't believe how quickly it is coming. Matt has a list a mile long of train and railroad-associated things to see and do. My list currently consists of malls and coffee shops to visit, but I hope to check out some of the tourism sites and find some other things that appeal to me. What I enjoyed so much about our honeymoon was the opportunity to just chill and relax - no pressure to go anywhere or do anything. Hopefully we can take at least a day to just do that. We are staying with some family friends of the Gidley's, and they have a separate guest home that will I'm sure be awesome! I've seen a few pictures - I'm not sure if they're still on Matt's website or not.

That is my exciting news - our first year of marriage was filled with so many fun trips and outings, and I'm looking forward to starting the second year off with a bang!
The more of this that happens on vacation, the better! Who wouldn't want to be doing this right about now? Bet it's not snowing there!


Heth said...

That picture is killing me. Dang it, now I've got envy......

meLanie said...

i agree heth, can i write "you suck"??? really.. a pregnant lady and i we can sneak along and you'll never notice we're there!!

Natalie Joy said...

Don't get your hopes up too high for sandy beaches and warm breezes. SF and SJ are not that warm this time of year. But... they are warmer than here so have a great time... without brat.

T said...

have a great time!
stay away from the clam chowder (I hate it)!
you should call matt and val while you're there, they live REALLY CLOSE and can take you to an INCREDIBLE place for breakfast.

email me if you want their #

Chris said...

Oh, you two will have a great time. I love visiting San Francisco. It has so much to see. I have many great memories from spending vacations in SF. No warm beaches there though. You may find some a little bit south of the city though.