Thursday, May 18, 2006

A City Girl in the Country

I wonder if I will ever get used to living on a gravel road...miles from a store...or from civilization...out in the middle of nowhere. I am a city girl, people. I was mortified when I moved to Waverly, a.k.a. Town Without a Shopping Mall or Super Target. What is that about? And now I find myself living in an old church where I have to beg my phone to get a signal so I can call someone. I don't know if this way of life will just become normal. Or will it always seem different, like it just doesn't quite fit? I love to dress up, and I have a decent collection of dressy clothes, but it seems there are few opportunities to wear them anymore. Maybe Matt can take me to Bourbon Street tomorrow and I'll go all out. Maybe dressing up every night to go to dinner on the honeymoon gave me a taste of that life. Can I still be a city girl even if I don't live there? I feel like I'm being asked to be something I'm not, that I have no choice but to morph into an overalls-loving, ponytail-wearing, tractor-driving, makeup-less woman, and sooner rather than later, please. Well, I prefer to stay a city girl, to dress up when it's not required, to love rhinestones on my toes and a collection of lip gloss that rivals even Estee Lauder herself. I think I just will prove everyone wrong by loving my life even if it's not what I had pictured for myself. God's plan is different and ALWAYS best. These are some of my thoughts these days as the changes of my life continue to move along at a lightning-fast pace and I struggle to keep up with them.

Here's one more of my dress-up pictures from the honeymoon - from our romantic dinner on the beach night (where the wind was blowing 60 mph).


Heth said...

I say forget the stero-types and mow the lawn in fancy clothes. :)

It's a good thing God doesn't let us see too far ahead into our futures. I'm glad He just reveals it one day at a time. I love your line about "the changes of my life continue to move along at a lightning-fast pace and I struggle to keep up with them"

Andrea said...

I'm a small town girl, and living where I do took a lot of adjusting for me. But in time, it has begun to feel like home. I would love to move back to my home town someday though! Maybe someday...or maybe we will move to a small town around here.

By the way, I love your dresses in the pics of this post and previous post!!!

Natalie Joy said...

Sometimes our expectations of what we think something (i.e. marriage, grown-up life, etc.)will be get us into trouble. You know that. ;) We have to learn to adjust to what life is, not what we think it should be. You're doing a great job and looking gorgeous at it, too.

T said...

I love you! You are so awesome! I'm a city girl too!

meLanie said...

i don't think God is trying to change the incredible person He created you to be, but rather continue to add to that awesome dynamic. you and matt have an incredible life before you full of lots of places and adventure, enjoy each step, each moment together, from cities to church steeples, He has orchastrated it and knows your heart. love you.