Tuesday, March 07, 2006

History Tells the Tale...

So I finished one (rather large, in my opinion) project on Friday night.

The infamous wedding slide show.

Lovely T scanned in all our pictures, and I put them in order and chose the songs, how long to play each, and all that fun stuff. We didn't really get to look through all of each other's pictures because of the time factor, so we went through our own pics and shared the ones we wanted to show each other for now. It's really fun to look at all the little kid pictures. Matt has some adorable ones, but you'll just have to wait another 25 days to see them. Well, most of them. I find it fascinating that our current interests, hobbies, whatever began to show themselves at an early age. So here's my baby and his fascination with trains (if you were not aware of this, you have missed an entire part of who Matt is). Isn't he adorable? I can't get over it - you'll see in all the rest of the pictures, too. And for me, well, suffice it to say that I remember many occasions of playing church as a kid. Who knew...? (My mom suggested that Matt PhotoShop out the large stack of papers next to me or label them "sermon notes.")

By the way, our red doors are now on the front of our house! You should drive by and check them out. Maybe you can even see them without turning onto our street. :-) They rule!! Thanks, Daddy; you're the best!


Adonai Jedi said...

That was a way cute pic of you. Good to knwo you've only gotten cuter with age :)

Heth said...


I love that you guys are going to have red doors. FUN!

Amy said...

Those are the cutest pictures. I so wish that I could be there to see the whole slide show!

T said...

They really are the cutest pics ! I can vouch for that! I love the one of you singing.... how old are you in that?? Junior high?? That was a classic Ang pic! :) You guys are a beautiful couple. I am amazed at how God had you both in mind for each other even back then.... I can't wait to celebrate with you.